About Satish

Satish Purohit is a writer, editor, translator, journalist, public speaker, and life skills coach based in Mumbai. He has worked with leading media amd retail brands in Mumbai, including MiD DAY, Indian Express, Crossword and Life Positive.

His interests include Mantra Vidya, Past Life Regression, EFT, Meta Healing, Metaphor Therapy, Architecture and Vastu Vidya.

Satish offers three services through this website: writing, editing and workshops.

If think you have a book inside you and would like to manifest it, he can help you at every stage from conception to finished manuscript. Get that book written. Click here!

If you have written an article, poetry, a work of fiction or a book and want to get it edited by a professional, Satish can do it for you Get your work edited. Click here!

If you wish to be initiated into the basics of writing, he holds workshops that explore through story, humour and play the 25 Golden Rules of writing Enrol for 25 Golden Rules of writing. Click here!